Commercial Popcorn Maker When Travelling

The Paragon commercial popcorn maker is the most perfect gadget to make popcorn at home and in a company setting. It comes along with excellent attributes like that actually makes shoppers not look in the other popcorn makers. It is an extremely simple to clean unit as it comes along with stainless metal on its surfaces. It comes likewise with old maid drawers which make its very old-fashioned yet it features modern facets all through. It’s the ideal unit to purchase for home use and industrial uses since it is made to last for many years. For each buy of the Paragon popcorn maker you’ll get 25 bags, a stainless scoop as well as measuring cups all for free.

The unit also comes along with stainless steel food areas, very simple to clean stainless steel kettles and a unique heating deck. The Paragon classic popcorn maker comes along with an exclusive heating deck, old maid drawers that the user may utilize to maintain burst kernels, glass that ensures security and an 8 ounce kettle. It has the old good day’s memories with it, it will remind the user of the parties, the movies or the games that have participated as well as the popcorn were served, thanks to the classic design which is enhanced by the very modern features.

The antique popcorn popper comes along with 3 position control change which also contains an 820 watt exclusive whisper quiet motor. In addition included is a spot light hotter, stirrer and pot heater with a security glass wall which is interfered keeping in mind the high impact polycarbonate doors. The popper also comes along with a water capacity of about 3 gallons of popcorn per lot as well as it works on standard 110 volt 820 watts. The Paragon popcorn machine has obtained wide acclaim as well as among them Amazon has more than 156 reviews that give a 4.3 star feedback on average. Many of these machines are used by members of

100 of the reviewers in Amazon gave a 5.0 star feedback that is a big positive feedback for almost everything. Most reviewers along with other buyers have wonderful love for the popper since it can take very few minutes to construct and it provides very tasty popcorn like the film theater. Some reviewers are of the view that the stirrer is just very slow compared to other poppers found in the market. This however shouldn’t bother one since the great northern popper was created so to give the most tasty popcorn. When purchasing this unit first know precisely the size that you need to avoid purchasing a too small popper for you huge demands.